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Shantelle Napper- Intuitive Goddess/Sistership Circle Facilitator


About Me

Hello! I’m Shantelle Napper, an intuitive, a psychic and holistic entrepreneur. I have one son, and am from a small town in Ontario, Canada. I’m founder/owner of Your Neighbourhood Psychic. I help clients through using...
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Tarot Readings

Before requesting a tarot reading with me, I would like to share with you how I believe the Tarot can help you. The practice has a really rich history, having been used for hundreds of...
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Service Terms of Use (“The Disclaimer”)

Who is a psychic? A psychic is someone who is or in good faith believes he or she is higher attuned to certain metaphysical energies and who can in turn interpret his or her sensitivities...
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Privacy Policy

Who we are Our website address is: What personal data we collect and why we collect it Comments When visitors leave comments on the site we collect the data shown in the comments form,...
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Goddess Circles

Monthly Goddess Circle Gatherings

August Theme: “Wild, Free & Unleashed”  with Goddess Shantelle on Sunday, August 29, 2021 @ 6pm EST **VIRTUAL

Drop into connection, Goddess,

Do you feel caged and boxed in by society?

What would happen if you no longer played by their rules?

What if you embodied your wild, untamed, beautiful self?

Come join us and explore your wild side in circle this month in a women’s circle to connect to your deepest, untamed instincts and unleash your wild woman

Do you ever feel like you just want to scream? 

To feel the rage, anger, and grief that boils within you?

Do you find yourself stuffing those emotions back down because society has taught you it’s not safe or acceptable to show them?

Aren’t you tired of being the ‘good’ girl, of being perfect, of pretending that everything is OK?

In this month’s circle we’re allowing all our wild, untamed thoughts and emotions to be expressed, flow through us and be witnessed. 

When we connect to all parts of ourselves and reclaim our voice, we tap into that part of ourselves that is fully self-expressed, lit up and sacred. 

We shake off the obligations, the should ofs and reclaim our beliefs about how we fully express ourselves in the world – wild, beautiful and untamed. 

Come to circle and experience:

✨ MEDITATION to call upon your wild woman and seek guidance to your truth, freedom and wildness. 

✨ MOVEMENT to shake off society’s obligations and give full permission to fully express yourself.

✨ INTIMATE SHARING with goddesses so you feel held and supported and connected

✨ RITUAL to let go of past conditioning and reclaim your beautiful, untamed wild side.

✨ CEREMONY to examine your beliefs and banish those that no longer serve you. 

It is in sisterhood that we reclaim our voice, our truth, our freedom, our wild side. It is in sisterhood that we integrate all parts of ourselves to be whole, complete women.

Together in sisterhood we are stronger.

Together we will change the world.

Space is limited … Save your seat in circle for this transformational experience that will uplift, inspire and empower you.

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A women’s circle to connect to your deepest, untamed instincts and unleash your wild woman Do you ever feel like you just want to scream? ...

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The first time I sat and participated in a Sistership Women's Circle I was blown away. Despite the gathering being held virtually on Zoom the...
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